Respeaking and Automatic Speech Transcription services for top quality Subtitling and Captioning

We have developed an innovative, brand new generation of products and services for multilingual subtitling.

The goal of SAVAS is to develop an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology for Multilingual Live Subtitling, specifically tuned to the needs of the Broadcasting and New Media Industries.
A set of 7 languages has been developed: Basque, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese and English
The ASR Engines are fostering the release of new subtitling products and services:

      1. a Speaker Independent Transcription System for live and batch production of multilingual subtitles
      2. a collaborative Respeaking System, for live and batch production of multilingual subtitles


SAVAS subtitling goes live at ETB

Bilbao, 28th February 2014

We are very happy to announce that the SAVAS engines and SAVAS S.Live!, for the Basque and Spanish languages, have been succesfully integrated into ETB Teletext systems.

The first field tests of live News subtitling on Digital Teletext have been successfully accomplished.

See  S.Live! in action here.

SAVAS subtitling goes live at RAI

RAI Saxa Rubra, Rome, 30th january 2014

We are very happy to announce that the SAVAS engines for Live Subtitling and SAVAS S.Respeak have been  integrated into RAI Teletext systems.
The first "SAVAS Hello world" subtitle was aired on Teletext: the subtitle was successfully live inserted in a TV News Program, that was celebrating 60 years of Television in Italy. We are proud that the TV News Program was broadcasting the original clip, dated 1954, of the very first announcement of a TV program in Italy, made by the famous TV announcer Fulvia Colombo.

See the original RAI video here.

SAVAS at the Media for All Conference

SAVAS attended the 4th International Media for All Conference in Dubrovnik on September 26th and 27th.

Gion Linder hold a presentation "Time has come to  consider the possibilities  of automatic subtitles" where he talked about opportunities and risks of automatic subtitling with a special focus on the Savas project, Juan Martinez presented the tool NERstar, which enables to assess the quality of live subtitles, including automatic subtitles. 

Check how the NERstar tool works in this interesting video.

Both presentations were well received by the audience.


SAVAS showcased @ IF2013

SAVAS showcased at Internet Festival 2013.

How long will it take computers to reach the language age? Understanding language is one of the most fascinating challenges to science, because it represents the keystone for real smart systems SAVAS has address this question, giving a contribution to the progress of Language Technologies, partecipating at the Internet Festival 2013, in Pisa.
Carlo Aliprandi, SAVAS Dissemination Manager, gave a speech during the Industrial Session of the Workshop  "The language age", to be hold on 12 October, presenting the state of the art for Speech Transcription and Semantic Analysis.
Demo of the SAVAS systems was provided at the SAVAS stand.