Respeaking and Automatic Speech Transcription services for top quality Subtitling and Captioning

We have developed an innovative, brand new generation of products and services for multilingual subtitling.

The goal of SAVAS is to develop an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology for Multilingual Live Subtitling, specifically tuned to the needs of the Broadcasting and New Media Industries.
A set of 7 languages has been developed: Basque, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese and English
The ASR Engines are fostering the release of new subtitling products and services:

      1. a Speaker Independent Transcription System for live and batch production of multilingual subtitles
      2. a collaborative Respeaking System, for live and batch production of multilingual subtitles


Big audience at the Savas booth at IBC 2014

In the stand 14.H06 in Hall 14 at IBC Content Everywhere, the SAVAS team has presented the final version of the subtitling systems: S.Live!,  S.Scribe! and S.Respeak!.

  • S.Scribe!, the subtitling system for pre-recorded content, capable of automatically transcribing audio / video files into time-aligned subtitles
  • S.Live!, the first-of-a-kind real-time subtitling system, capable of automatically subtitling live speech
  • S.Respeak!, the respeaking system for collaborative subtitling over Internet, which fast post-editing and automatic management of subtitle formatting

What an exciting event! We’re thrilled to have been there and had a chance to meet you. Thanks for dropping by our stand. Looking forward to speaking with you again soon.

SAVAS at LREC 2014

A SAVAS paper was presented at the LREC 2014 conference, that was hold on May 2014  in Reykjavik.

The aim of LREC is to provide an overview of HLT state-of-the-art, explore R&D emerging trends, exchange information regarding Language Resources, evaluation methodologies and tools, and industrial uses and needs.

Arantza del Pozo, SAVAS coordinator, presented , “SAVAS: Collecting, Annotating and Sharing Audiovisual Language Resources for Automatic Subtitling".

3rd End-User Panel Workshop

SAVAS organised the 3rd End-User Panel Workshop.

The 3rd End-User Panel Workshop was hold on April 29th 2014, in Paris. We presented the final SAVAS results, either subtitling applications and developed resources, to a number of stakeholders. Preliminary evaluation results for all the subtitling applications were also presented.

SAVAS at NAB 2014

A SAVAS contribution was presented at the NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference that was hold on April 7h 2014, in Las Vegas.

NAB featured technical papers addressing the latest opportunities and challenges in broadcast engineering around the world.
Carlo Aliprandi, gave the speech "Automatic Live Subtitling: state of the art, expectations and current trends".
Details of the speech here.