The project aims at achieving a very high impact in the European and worldwide subtitling market.

The efficient production of subtitles made feasible through the project results will allow providing better accessibility services to the deaf, hard-of-hearing and ageing population; to promote language learning and, if linked to translation, to export locally produced contents into the global market.
Moreover, with the increasing convergence between traditional TV and the web, SAVAS will also contribute to support content providers in producing value-added online content that can be easily distributed, accessed and searched for by all the citizens. Because the Broadcast News and Sports domains in which we will be working in the project can be considered as broad and generic, they could also be exploited in other areas and markets.

Possible applications and market areas include media content access for Business Intelligence and Clipping , content personalization in TV, Internet and Mobile applications and automated transcription of judicial processes in Courts, public meetings in City Halls and Parliaments or medical reports. Finally, the commercial opportunities arising from the industrial exploitation of the SAVAS results are potentially large taking into account the growth that the audiovisual open data market is undergoing.